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Soccer is our passion. We love to watch it, play it and talk about it. But, of course, like everything in life, we love soccer that is well done and well performed.

The lovers of this game enjoy the skills and capabilities of some players like music lovers enjoy a well played song. It's a symphony, an art, an ability that needs to be learned in the early years and that can be manipulated, and improved with the teacher's help. That's our job in Alianza. We know what the kids need to learn at each step of their growth.

We promote diversity, friendship, respect, good will, discipline, effort and sacrifice. All these elements combined create a cocktail that is difficult to beat. With all these ingredients, it is assured that the kids will grow as good people. The level of excellence they will reach is ultimately up to them. We will provide them the tools to be great players. 

In the early years we teach the kids how to handle the ball at their feet and gain the ability to control it. That's a very important step that can give them the advantadge in the future. Learning soccer tecnique will allow them to play faster, be more accurate, have more resources available to them, and gain this two seconds over the contrary that will give them advantage or even a goal.

Later we focus on soccer tactics. How to position the players on the field, the movements of each player, and movements to distract the opposite team and to gain advantadge. Corner kicks, faults, goal kick and side throws movements are also important to get ahead in the game.

The movement of your body is also important:

  • how to use your arms to protect yourself
  • how to go for the ball instead of waiting for it
  • what to do before the ball gets to you
  • what to do when you are surrounded with enemies
  • how to play with your head up
  • how to hit the ball with your head efficiently
  • how to use all your body parts except the hands and arms to control the ball

If you want to learn all this valuable techniques, do not hesitate to contact us.

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