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Message From Carlos
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With this opportunity I would like to thank so many people that have made possible for Alianza Soccer Club to move forward. With many achievements and mistakes we are still fighting every day, with the interest of getting better at what we do. We are proud to offer a place where your kids can grow healthy. We are excited by the good feedback we are receiving from many people, even constructive criticism is good for reflexion and allows us to work every day harder and harder. The fundamental base for the kids to continue growing healthy is their parents support.

Soccer gives us the opportunity to live with so many different people and nationalities. Alianza Soccer Club, as the logo shows, would like to unite the world through a soccer ball and two hands shaking with the symbolic representation of friendship. 

We would like to give special thanks to the following people to:
  • Mr. Domingo Mondragon and his family for his great contribution to the club, without restrictions, non-stop working for the club since 2001.
  • Mr. Jorge Loo to open the door to participate in organized soccer in the Georgia State and his continuous support to the Club.
  • Mr. Artemio Rodriguez and his family for their constant support.
  • Mrs. Dot Smith that included our club in the North Dekalb Soccer Association, entity to which still we belong and offering us soccer fields to play and practice.
  • All the parents that give us the confidence to work with their kids
  • All supporters and people that in some way or another have collaborated to the success of Alianza Soccer Club.
  • All the coaches that work with the kids every day.
  • My parents and brothers that were a fundamental part of my growth and education.
  • My wife that supports me all the way in all the difficult situations found in the Club. She suffers a lot when we lose and enjoys when we win.
Thank you very much to all of the above.

Carlos Jacinto




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