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How much does it cost?
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How much does it cost?

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To join Alianza Soccer Club you need to fill up an application. Once the player and the club have reached an agreement the player can join the club. Then, the there are some costs associated with registration, uniforms and services provided. Each season works this way:


  • Uniform. If you don't have an Alianza uniform you must buy it. The cost varies depending on the season, but it could be between $150 and $175. The uniform includes 2 shirts (one white one orange), two shorts (one white, one orange), and two pair of socks. You can also buy t-shirts for practice that cost aproximately $20.

  • Georgia Soccer Registration.

  • Monthly Payment. Alianza charges $65 per player per month.

  • Tournaments. Each tournament has to be paid separately. Since tournaments are organized by each individual club or association, there is no standard charge for that. You will be noticed in advanced about the tournament and the cost for each player.

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